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Gold Purifier Machinary With Newest Technology


  • How to know the differences between gold and the imitation
  • How to test the gold purity
  • How to process Gold melting + Practice
  • How to calculate global and local gold price
  • How to weighing the gold
  • Training benefit : buy and sell gold store
  • Target : students, Gold store, Public
  • Principally people will can avoid from any fraud of gold
  • With Sertification

Price Rp. 7,5 million


How to Purify the gold become 24 carat

Price Rp. 11 million



Purifying machines Especially for Gold Jewelry
For gold store and gold industries
Price Rp.15,5 Million + free training Capacity 3 ounces

Capacity 3 ounces Rp. 21,5 Million + Free traning
Capacity 5 ounces Rp. 27 Million + Free traning
Capacity 1 Kgs Rp. 33,5 Million + Free traning
Capacity 2 Kgs Rp. 41 Million + Free traning
Capacity 3 Kgs Rp. 67 Million + Free traning
Capacity 5 Kgs Rp. 110 Million + Free traning
Capacity 10 Kgs Rp. 120 Million + Free traning
Capacity 100 Kgs Rp. 350 Million + Free traning
Capacity 500 Kgs/ 1/2 Ton Rp. 1,2 Billion + Free traning
Capacity 1 ton Rp. 2,3 Billion + Free traning

big capacity or special capacity order contact us



Special techniques for mining & gold coating layer such as the computer, etc.
Technology of gold mining techniques Italy. (Theory & Evidence) using Aquaregia Engineering and Technology carbonation with Italy. Gold so the water and become the gold again.

Price Rp.15 Juta + free traning


Geolistrik Pencari Emas

Price Gold search tools Rp. 100jt (nego) to test the track & land mapping (Goods ready only if ordered)


Purifying machines for gold & jewelry gold mines (two in one)
Billion-milliard other metals and other mixtures that contain gold

Capacity 2 Kgs Rp 32 million + Free training
Capacity 3 Kgs Rp 38 million + Free training
Capacity 10 Kgs Rp 63 million + Free training
Capacity 100 Kgs Rp 700 million + Free training
Capacity 500 Kgs/ 1/2 Ton ---- > 1 ton Rp 1,325 million + free training
big capacity or special capacity order contact us



Special Mining

New Generation Technology. Combination Technology from Germany, China, Holland (Water Only) The production process Short, Fast, Efficient And without Pollution 100%

Avaiable for 1 Ton (agents welcome) just use ordinary water (water only)


Ancient technology that we already know the company and mastered:

  • Using the tube / glondong by using mercury (Hg)
  • Shaking table or a rocking table
  • Korbonasi (in a coconut shell)
  • Sianidasi
  • Flotation) many uses of limestone
  • Electrolysis, using distrum anode and cathode
  • Fumigation
  • Using brown SN for precipitation
  • Aquaregia (water king) of water made of gold and make gold again
  • Simple gold
  • Using putasium
  • Precipitation method, etc.

All the ways that can be done fast enough and if you use the chemicals could be dangerous because of toxic waste.

"GLOBAL WARNING" SAVE The EARTH pollution alert

Gold separator

Gold from the sand separator with AIR COMMON (Safe and caring environment) this machine is a test whether the compound wasno gold mine or not. Technology is fast and precise and efficient and also for production.

Able for the rest of the waste, the remaining mines, sand mining, sand soil containing gold, etc..

  • Capacity 1 ton per day
  • Machine weight approximately 30 Kg
  • Using 60 watts of electricity (can use solar sell hinterland)
  • The sound was not loud
  • Width 40 cm, length 50 cm, height 120 cm

Technology lifetime warranty.
1 Year service warranty

Find sponsors to produce large-scale machine

Mesin Gold Separator Water Kombinasi Tehnologhy Germany + Holland + China

Pembelian untuk tunai 1 unit
Cash Secara Kredit Uang Muka Sisa Hutang 11x 23x 35x
8,2 milyar 10 Milyar 2 Milyar 8 Milyar 727,272,727 347,826,086 228,571,428
500 ton capacity / hari 2,5 Milyar 7,5 Milyar 681,818,181 326,086,956 214,285,714
Sudah termasuk
Mesin Beko
Mesin Instalasi , stone Crusher + Hammer Mild
Uji Pemetaan dan Lintasan Pertambangan
Garansi uang kembali apa bila tidak menemukan emas
Pengiriman ditanggung pembeli
Pembelian untuk tunai 1 unit
Cash Secara Kredit Uang Muka Sisa Hutang 11x 23x 35x
1.23 Milyar 1.4milyar 300 juta 1.1 Milyar 100 juta 47,826,086 31,428,571
80 ton capaity /hari 275 juta 1.25Milyar 113,636,363 54,347,826 35,714,285
Sudah termasuk mesin Instalasi , stone Crusher + Hammer Mild
Pengiriman ditanggung pembeli
Pembelian untuk tunai 1 unit
Cash Secara Kredit Uang Muka Sisa Hutang 11x 23x 35x
68,000,000 70,000,000 30,000,000 40,000,000 3,636,364 1,739,130 1,142,857
1 ton capacity /hari 25,000,000 45,000,000 4,090,909 1,956,522 1,285,714
Pengiriman ditanggung pembeli

Special Promo Gold Separator
As long as supply is still there. 15 Mt for the purchase price of at least 2 units.
Credit 20 Jt DP 10 Mt of remaining installments (minimum purchase of 2 units)

stone crusher
stone crusher biru

1 unit of Stone Crusher Machine + Hammer Mild (2 in 1) the capacity of 1 to 2 tons Rp. 55 million price

Solver Stone Mining
With the super-iron metal materials (Special Steel)
For reservations Stone Crusher small capacity and cheaper we adjust to the needs.

batu emas

batu emas
Please contact our marketing.

Peralatan Pencari Emas

For customers at wholesale prices

  1. Rp. 25.000 miners tools
  2. Kowi clay Rp. 300.000 / seed
  3. White kowi (Italy) Rp. 120.000 istimewa Rp. 250.000
  4. Gold print tool Rp 300.000 /local Rp. 600.000/special material
  5. Borax (to unify gold) Rp. 25 000
  6. Gloves Rp. 125.000/100 pairs
  7. Acid Masker Rp 50.000 Super Rp. 300.000 Barang Import Rp. 750.000
  8. Acids Boots Rp. 170.000
  9. Special glasses Fuel Rp. 50.000
  10. Spyglass to the darkness 10 feet Rp. 3,75 million
  11. Spyglass field over 200M Rp. 185.000
  12. KLQ 45 Rp. 30.000 min 1 sack contents 20Kg

Shipping borne buyers


    Gold detection tool, it can detect gold (modification) the price Rp. 2.500.000, - Nett Price
    Scales swiss import capacity 2 Kg price of Rp. 15 million
    Scales swiss import capacity of 3 kg price of Rp. 20 million
    Scales modified import capacity 2 Kg price of Rp. 7.5 million
    cutting Gold prices Rp. 1,2 million Nett Price

    Solar Cells Panels

    • Dimension